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Looking for ltr age 25 44ish

In comparison, when I fuelled up my old Astra, I could hammer it on the accelarator, drive pretty quickly and still be doing better mpg than the C Well done old chum. If you havent reset your average fuel consumption for a while its not going to move far from where it is nowre set it now and see what the current average will be with some miles on the clockyou wont be trying to making up for heavier consumption when new then. Clan Dec 4th,i know of one which had the secondary adaption treatment last weekand got 57 mpg on the treatment drive over 45 miles.

Just a matter of getting used to the 6-speed box I suppose. I do like the C Clan Dec 9th,Cheers Clan, I'll give it a go. His average is mpg which he thinks good for a lookibg engine.

Looking for ltr age 25 44ish

Has anyone come across this before and is there a solution? The second time they tweaked the injector settings. I've not been getting any loooking the other symptoms a few seem to have, the jumping, revving etc but economy does seems poor according to the car.

Looking for ltr age 25 44ish

At one point yesterday when I got up to 80mph the trip went I've done an eco run and driving softly managed However, I'm getting petrol mileage for diesel prices. This may be normal for these C30 sport cars but to be honest although I love the car and the ride and the performance etc I don't want to be dipping my hand into my wallet twice a week for work in comparison for once a week with the Astra.

The Michelin low energy tyres are exceptional for drag reduction in this instance but do not last well if you live near lots of roundabouts, front tyres have lasted me 24, So yes hopefully yours will be ok unless there is some kind of mechanical problem.

The car has been back to my dealer twice. But to me diesel is supposed to be 44sih economical than petrol. It is a swedish love affair, that does have some issues with anglo idiosyncrasies Economy is worse than my astra. Do the fixes referred to above include 08 models or is it just the new ones?

Looking for ltr age 25 44ish

ZShould a dealer need much convincing to action? When the novely of the power has faded things will improvelook at the average speed display what is that showing? The car is just over 1 year old and right from the start I have had sluggish acceleration from standstill, combined with a 'stuttering' engine at slow speeds mainly afe gear and surprisingly poor fuel consumption approx 45 miles per gallon. I dropped the speed to around to see if it would alter but it never budged above 40 at any time.

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If you punt the car or drive about dragging the clutch about ie anything over rpm in any gear it starts chewing the fuel up and the average mileage reader starts dropping like a stone A good way to increase fuel economy is by learning to glide quite a bit Hi sure. Clan Jan 27th,I don't know if TEECE has had it fixed yetbut there is a new software come out for these problems this month. My work colleague used to drive an 11 year old 1.

It needs to be over 40 mph for economy to be good.

Looking for ltr age 25 44ish

I ran it on a mile round trip on motorway and normal ro. As for pull away on start all of these diesels seem to drag lttr suffer from turbo lag issues I was heavy on the pedal and no slouch on the motorway.

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Clan Jul 2nd,Hmm There was a new software for this in January so if you havent had this onethat is what you need. I've done more trips since bringing it back. I am experiencing pretty much the same problems. I bought myself a really nice '08 C30 2. Hi Sure Grin Factor 55 is good!!! Neither solved the problem, so it's going back in next week.

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When he had petrols 1. More on tax but cheaper at the pump!

Looking for ltr age 25 44ish

My bro has a brand new Audi A4 2. Ninja59 ours is doing mid 50's now! As for mpg, I do a lot of 44isy journeys at the moment but still getting 50mpg.

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The diesel knock disappeared too. Average later today was 40mpg probably because I drove so much slower and with great care on the right foot. The quality, the ride, ags handling etc. No not specificalybut if the adaptions are wrong it isnt going to help i guess.

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ltt I can get to Bluewater shopping centre on really silly money for a family of four On a run back of 30 miles in traffic I got up to 32mpg then to 40mpg on a straighter run then down to 36mpg on the dual carriageway. Seems to run OK other than that.

Looking for ltr age 25 44ish

As he said, at this rate I'd have been better off with a 1. One has to stroke this car to attain the best out of her If you already have the latest software there is a special driving proceedure the dealer has to do to adapt the injectors after resetting the turbo control adaptions.

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