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Please provide a list of references used in the project. Was your choice of machine target sound?

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If your project involved many iterations of optimization, please describe this process as well. Note that some of the information in your final writeup can be oh directly from your proposal if it is still accurate. Where are the dependencies in the program? What were the size of the inputs? It is an optimized parallel implementation for a single CPU?

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As fo try and answer these questions, we strongly prefer that you provide data and measurements to support your conclusions. Tell us how your implementation works. How successful were you at achieving your goals?

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What are the algorithm's inputs and outputs? A two to three sentence project summary.

Simulate behavior given multiple SIMD widths. Study a workload's amenability to SIMD execution. Graphics: extend asment 2 to achieve higher performance under real worklo render real triangle meshes and more complex shading functions ; implement a parallel ray tracer Physical simulation: fluid simulation, rigid body solver, cloth simulation for those that have taken Prof. If your project is a team project, please list the work performed by each partner.

How were requests generated? You lookiny also encouraged to provide more detail if you wish. Create a visualization tool for the. Is it important mnoday report for different problem sizes for your project?

What did you try that did not work? Provide graphs of speed up. What percentage of time is spent in each region?

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Do different worklo exhibit different execution behavior? Where is the locality? Another research project looking for a faster solution. Fuun the algorithm, application, or system you parallelized in computer science terms.

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A figure would be really useful here. Or vice versa. Describe the technologies used.

Please see the posted slides from Lecture Did you change the original serial algorithm to enable better mapping to a parallel machine? Here are a few ideas: If your project was optimizing an algorithm, please define how you measured performance. What machines did you target?

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An application specific rate? If you are merely momday, please state this explicitly. Convince us you worked hard to arrive at a good solution. The summary should list your project deliverables and what machines they ran on.

Is it amenable to SIMD execution? How did you arrive at your solution?

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The notes you've been writing loooking your project should be helpful here. How much parallelism is there? Is it a lack of parallelism? Please precisely define the configurations being compared. Deeper analysis: Can you break execution time of your algorithm into a of distinct components. Your description should be sufficiently detailed to provide the course staff a basic understanding of your approach.

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Example: We accelerated image processing operations using the GPU. Is your baseline single-threaded CPU code? If you do not feel comfortable placing this information on a public webyou may the course staff this information directly. Where is there room to improve?

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Our 64 core implementation on Blacklight achieves a 40x speedup and won several games on an internet chess server. What are the key operations on these data structures? What are the key data structures? Performing a solid analysis of your implementation is a good way to pick up credit even if your optimization efforts did not yield the performance you were hoping for.

Is it wall-clock time? Describe how you mapped the problem to your target parallel machine s.

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